The money market management protocol on Defi ecology focusing on Lending, Fiat Liquidity, and Governance with highest-level security and performance


The Paradefi Main Features

Paradefi makes it easier than any existing Defi to enter the world of decentralized finance
Decentralization focuses on user privacy, anonymity, and benefit. This is the core values of decentralization

Paradefi has 5 main key features

Defi Privacy
We integrate Chainlink's Oracle Solution to bring real-world data into the Paradefi ecosystem and connect to the traditional gateway system.
Decentralized Governance
Paradefi token holders soon will have the right to governance. As a result, they make the Paradefi a better place by contributing to the design & upgrade of the ecology
We have backups and security layout for any issues in consensus protocol such as deadlocks, Dos attack, reentrancy attack.
Full Anonymity
Decentralization and anonymity are our priorities, only users know their identity
Paradefi Network will be using Polkadot Parachain that provides interoperability with other blockchains who is a Parachain themselves

The Paradefi dApp Interface


The Paradefi Ecosystem

Decentralized Lend & Borrow
A pool-based strategy allows people to earn an APY of up to 20% at their fingertips, with the decentralization of full control and non-custodial protocol
Fiat Liquidity & Remittance
Paradefi is the first Defi platform to integrate both fiat on-ramp and off-ramp for fiat liquidity, this is a crucial step to mass adoption of decentralized ecology
Every citizen is a bank teller, a dedicated incentive commission program is designed for the community to spread its scalability by simply introducing the unbanked to join.
The Paradefi Oracle Network
The Chainlink Integration to allow Paradefi developers to build secure and reliable smart contract infrastructure in which automated transactions based on real-world events
The Paradefi
The Paradefi Protocol explanation of the different aspects of the implementation
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Zhang Liao
Erik Carlson
Shan Wu
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Li Wei
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Zhang Yong
Defi Product Advisor
Jeffrey E. Branham
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